H72 – cyber crisis management

H72 provides CxO level help to organizations in throngs of cyber crisis

A cyber breach is much more than a technology issue. The whole future of the organization is at stake. The attack may also be a governmental and societal risk to the country and its citizens. 

H72 is the business leadership model for cyber crisis management. We designed it to help the top management of an organization under duress. The model considers the technological, legal, and reputational dimensions of a cyber crisis, with theultimate objective of securing business continuity and minimizing reputation damage. 

The name of our service, H72, derives from the EU GDPR statute (EU 2016/679) that requires the controller to "notify the personal data breach to the supervisory authority without undue delay and, where feasible, not later than 72 hours after having become aware of it". 

The H72 process addresses the physical and emotional aspects of a cyber crisis. Physical factors include, for instance, the mechanisms of the situation room and rolling status analysis. The emotional aspects consider, for example, the psychological stamina of the crisis team and post-event defusing of the crisis. 

H72 comes to aid when going gets tough, and an increasing number of organizations are willing to prepare for and prevent cybercrime. 

  • H72 audit maps out an organization's readiness to manage a cyber crisis.
  • H72 cyber crisis management model is the organization's checklist to mitigate technological, legal, and reputation damage. 
  • H72 simulation tests in practice how well an organization's crisis team organizes its work in a cyber incident – and how effectively the team copes with stakeholder engagement.  



Part of our Crisis Lab methodology, H72 has been developed in collaboration with Finnish government cybersecurity experts, data security experts, white hat hackers, lawyers, management consultants and reputation management experts. 

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Netprofile's cyber crisis management experts are experienced in international crisis communications. Do you know the cyber threat preparedness level of your organization? Do you see signs of trouble ahead? Please get in touch with us, and let's work it out!

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Interested in the H72 model? 

Netprofile's proprietary H72 model is a business leadership concept for managing cyber crises. We will be happy to discuss its benefits and the peace of mind it provides through auditing, simulation, and preparation. Fill in your contact details, and we will be in touch!