Showcasing Employer Brand and Recruiting IT's Best and Brightest

Nitor & Netprofile

Nitor, a digital engineering company, consistently recruits the industry's brightest minds year after year. Keys to success include strategic recruitment marketing communications, an authentic employer image, and truly engaging stories. Successful ventures are further accelerated by the ongoing collaboration between Nitor and Netprofile, a partnership that has thrived since 2014.

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Aiming to Build the Employer Brand Further and Recruit Top IT Professionals 

Nitor's growth comes from its digital engineers. Competition in the IT sector is fierce, and the top industry experts are suspicious towards advertising and social media.    

Nitor wants to engage with its target audiences in a way that truly resonates – and on platforms they prefer using. The long-term goal is to leave a positive impression of Nitor as an employer. Short-term objectives are to tackle various recruitment needs in an agile way.   

In recent years, media visibility has been increased by highlighting multiple great practices that support the wellbeing and professional growth of Nitoreans.  

Impactful work relies on close partnership  

The foundation of the continuous partnership includes ongoing planning facilitated by Netprofile. Here, both long-term and short-term goals, pain points, and areas in need of deeper focus receive the attention they deserve. 

Seamless collaboration enables agile responses to quickly emerging tactical needs. For example, when there's a demand to attract a specific talent profile pool through social media advertising for open positions. This also lays the groundwork for meaningful marketing communication that leaves an impression on target audiences and yields results – not to mention international awards. Netprofile supports Nitor in planning and executing social media campaigns and serves as a sparring partner for the internal marketing team. 

As part of their strategic employer branding communication, in 2022, Nitor wanted to clarify the concept of a 'digital engineer' for its target audiences in 2022. Netprofile and Nitor conceptualized the highly effective article series, The Digital Engineers of Nitor, which consistently achieves great results on social media month after month. Almost a year later, a fourth installment of the series is already in the works. 

In addition to regular content and social media marketing, Netprofile continuously seeks intriguing topics to present to the media, as there are plenty of good stories to share via the over 300 digital engineers at Nitor. The goal of media work in particular is to communicate Nitor's culture that values employee well-being, and the success they’ve achieved in cultivating this philosophy. Recently, they've gained attention for initiatives such as the Homefront questionnaire measuring well-being, the Iron Bank employee benefit, and the AI-powered service. 

Authentic messages and precise targeting pave the way towards successes 

Persistent work is rewarded by impressive results. Nitor's recruitment campaigns consistently funnel relevant traffic to their job listings. They leave an impression on their target audience – as evidenced by numerous mentions in job interviews. 

Articles that shed light on Nitor's culture, career stories, and values are clicked on, read, and liked. In the media, the company is regularly featured both in Finland and Sweden, further expanding Nitor’s employer brand visibility. 

Above all, Nitor has annually added dozens of new colleagues to its ranks. Marketing and communications are invaluable tools in the company's recruitment toolkit, playing an undeniable role in reaching experts. 

Netprofile has been the communication partner for Nitor's digital engineers since 2014. Aside from planning and executing recruitment marketing and enhancing employer branding, our partnership includes content marketing and media work that supports business sales objectives. 

Nitor's steady growth, success stories radiating customer satisfaction, and a company culture that values employee well-being and professional growth have provided key ingredients for successful communication. The partnership has also yielded awards, including recognition from the ICCO Global Awards and Finnish Comms Awards. 

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