DNA Business builds B2B content marketing with a long-term vision and tangible results 

DNA Business & Netprofile

Expert articles, insightful blogs, fascinating podcasts, informative guides and webinars, a strong social media presence, and much more – DNA Business has reached out to its target audience with top-level content. Our collaboration started in 2014, and since then, content marketing has been built into an efficient mechanism where creativity and agility are combined with precise data optimization.


Content for all stages of the customer journey 

The cooperation between DNA Business and Netprofile aims to increase DNA's recognition, appreciation, and appeal as a provider of connections and telecommunications services for organizations of different sizes. Content that emphasizes technical prowess, vision, and high-quality service strengthens the target groups’ trust in DNA’s expertise and guides them toward choosing DNA business as their partner. 

Netprofile ensures that every piece of content aligns with a clearly defined role in the customer journey. At the heart of the cooperation lies constantly updated content production, publication, and marketing plans across multiple web and social media channels. 

From planning through execution to results 

Together, we run a modern multi-channel content package that offers business and ICT decision-makers invaluable insights into technology and business development. The content harnesses the knowhow and expertise of DNA’s and its parent company, Telenor's experts and management, as well as independent technology influencers found via Netprofile's networks. 

Our content offering includes a variety of resources created to cater to different customer personas and stages. It comprises of articles, thought leadership blogs, downloadable guides, webinars, podcasts, and video and event scripts. 

Netprofile leads the content planning, efficiently implements content initiatives, ensuring timely delivery, and promotes DNA Business' content across various social media channels. In addition, Netprofile is responsible for the organic development and maintenance of the social media channels for DNA Business. Netprofile continuously monitors content performance, providing insights for optimizing strategies and achieving ambitious goals. 

Continuous monitoring provides lessons learned for future work 

The combined dashboard covering the entire customer path makes content marketing strongly data driven. We constantly monitor the number of readers, listeners, and content viewers, the time spent with the content, the steps taken on the customer journey, the number of generated marketing permissions and sales leads, and the visibility, website traffic and cost-effectiveness. 

This data-driven approach empowers us to learn, evolve, and optimize our efforts, consistently delivering effective results. The collaboration fuels the smooth functioning of DNA Business’marketing machinery, shaken up with fresh ideas and initiatives. 


"The cornerstone of our long-term cooperation lies in the profound understanding of Netprofile’s team of our industry, business and target groups. Netprofile is able to challenge us in ways that ultimately benefit our customers in the form of appealing and targeted marketing that brings them ideas and insights." 

Titta Nummi, Head of Marketing and Online Operations, DNA Business


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