Älyradio builds thought leadership and generates deals

Salesforce & Netprofile

Salesforce's Älyradio (Smart Radio) podcast has built the technology company's thought leadership since 2018. The use of sound media has been a trailblazer in the company's marketing worldwideCreated and produced by Netprofile, the podcast has received recognition as the world’s best content marketing campaign.

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Smart and business-critical content 

Salesforce's Älyradio podcast was conceived by Netprofile in 2018. The goal was to support both the company’s and the Country Manager’s thought leadership. Salesforce also had the objective of positioning itself not merely as a CRM software producer but a strategic partner that focuses on supporting businesses in competitive conditions.

The battle for business decision-makers' time is merciless. In a flood of channels and stimuli, managers who make fast-paced business decisions are under constant time pressure. You must have business-critical things to say to address this challenging target group. 

The production of a podcast catering to decision-makers operating at the intersection of technology and business marked a milestone in the company's marketing endeavors. Witnessing the success of this initiative, Salesforce ventured into creating additional podcasts and was further motivated to explore and engage with external podcast opportunities as well. 

Featuring Top Business Leaders as High-Class Studio Guests 

Netprofile has produced Älyradio for ten seasons, which have so far covered 80 guests. Salesforce's Country Manager for Finland still visits some episodes. The podcast discusses the use of the latest technology and the need for related expertise in Finnish companies in a down-to-earth and easily understandable manner. 

Netprofile is responsible for the production of Älyradio from start to finish. Studio guests are primarily high-level managers and opinion influencers, the kind that business management likes to listen to – increasingly, the guests are also Älyradio listeners. 

Netprofile's all-encompassing involvement includes training hosts, planning production themes in collaboration with Salesforce, casting, scripting, recording, editing, multi-channel publishing, and marketing material creation. 

Results and customer experience  

In Salesforce's European organization, Älyradio is recognized as a benchmark other countries aspire to. The podcast is now more popular than ever. It has become a conversation starter at the CEO level in the Finnish business community and serves as a powerful "business card" generating new opportunities. 

The number of listeners has grown dramatically. There are already more than 80,000 listeners in total and nearly 2,000 subscribers. Älyradio is at the top of business podcasts; on average, about 70 percent of the listeners stay to listen to the standard question at the end: "What is the smartest thing right now?" 

Listen to the Älyradio podcast (in Finnish) here! 

Älyradio was awarded the world's best content marketing campaign in the international ICCO Digital Awards 2020. 


"It is no exaggeration to say that as a result of Älyradio, we have been able to establish customer relationships and promote deals. Smart conversation is an excellent way to create a deep relationship with the guests and build trust." 

Krista Kavonius, Marketing Lead for Finland, Salesforce

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