Technology paves the way for a more sustainable future

The global scientific community largely agrees that the future of our planet demands proactive actions and a departure from old habits. Technology plays a pivotal role in addressing sustainability challenges, and at Netprofile, we want to take part in this important work.  

We're committed to shaping a future where humanity has found a way to thrive without overburdening the planet. We must operate in a society founded on democracy, freedom of speech, and constructive collaboration.  

Aligned with our strategy, we have faith in human ingenuity. We nurture people's curiosity and ability to address sustainability challenges through technology. We are devoted to the collective effort toward a sustainable future.   

Netprofile's approach to sustainability covers our client work, operations, and broader societal impact. We continually strive to develop our community and client relations with a long-term vision.  

Sustainability in our operations

We aspire to take the lead in responsible business practices within the marketing communications sector. We champion equality, diversity, and a better work-life balance in our industry. We're dedicated to leaving this world a little better than we found it for future generations.   

Our actions are guided by our sustainability program, our internal policies on using artificial intelligence, and a sustainable work-life balance.  

We're dedicated to advancing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in our operations. We've identified five key goals where we can make an impact:  

  • Quality education and lifelong learning opportunities (SDG 4)
  • Gender equality (SDG 5)
  • Decent work and economic growth (SDG 8)
  • Positive climate actions (SDG 13)
  • Peace, justice, and strong institutions (SDG 16)

Committed to science based targets (Science Based Targets), we received official approval for our greenhouse gas reduction goals from the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) in spring 2023. We were the first Finnish communications agency to do so.  

We're set on reducing our Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions by at least 42% from 2022 levels by 2030, in line with science-based targets and the Paris Agreement. Furthermore, we commit to calculating and reducing our Scope 3 emissions. Besides reducing emissions, we're exploring the best ways to offset our annual carbon footprint.  


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The carbon footprint of Netprofile's operations in 2022

The carbon footprint of Netprofile's operations in 2022 was a total of 43.7 tons of CO2e. The carbon footprint measurement method for this calculation is based on the GHG Protocol guidelines.

The company's carbon footprint calculation includes the most significant Scope 3 emissions in addition to Scope 1 and 2. Scope 3 encompasses flights, train, ship, and taxi travel, IT purchases, and data usage.

Of these, Scope 1 accounts for 16 percent. All Scope 1 emissions consist of emissions from company-owned leased cars.

Scope 2 emissions accounted for 9 percent of the total carbon footprint for Netprofile. The electricity used in the property is 100% renewable, so 100% of the carbon footprint comes from district heating consumption. Netprofile's share is proportioned based on floor area.

Scope 3 emissions make up a total of 75% of the overall carbon footprint. Of the calculated Scope 3 emissions, business travel forms the largest carbon footprint. The calculation is based on travel invoices, information on purchased tickets, distances between locations, modes of transport, and the number of hotel stays.

Client selection and our advisory ethics

We believe that technology plays a significant role in solving sustainability challenges and that change must be ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable. We serve as strategic advisors to our clients in this transition, helping them communicate about their sustainability initiatives and challenges transparently and honestly.  

We serve organizations that develop and utilize innovative technology. Their innovations contribute to solutions for ecological sustainability challenges. We promote holistic, responsible marketing communication, considering the environment, people, society, and good governance. 

We expect our clients to base their thinking on science, respect for human rights, and environmental protection. We do not engage in or promote messages against these principles, and we refrain from partnering with questionable industries or organizations. We do not support state-owned entities or organizations that oppress their citizens or other groups.  

We always verify the genuineness of clients' claims and objectives. We do not partake in greenwashing, sustainability washing, or any ethically questionable brand polishing. 

Societal impact

Without freedom of speech, there is no democracy. Beyond our operations, we actively steer the entire communications sector towards a more sustainable future.   

We work for ethical communication and human rights both in Finland and globally. We do this in client relationships and by actively participating in societal discussions and sharing our expertise with different stakeholders. 

We hold significant roles in international forums focused on ethical advancements in the sector, like ICCO and the Council of Europe. We are profoundly and extensively involved in developing the communications industry's responsibility. In Finland, we're closely involved with Marketing Finland and are members of the corporate responsibility network, FIBS. 

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