How we use AI

Netprofile & artificial intelligence

Netprofile delivers unique content and services based on the creative talent of our people, our strong knowledge of the technology industry and its key audiences, and our long experience in marketing and communications. We urge everyone to be curious and to embrace new technology, and we also walk the talk ourselves. We are enthusiastic about new technologies, including opportunities offered by AI.

AI is a rapidly evolving tool for marketing and communications professionals. However, when the goal is to create a distinctive and evocative texts or images that speak to target audiences and consider business and industry objectives and situations, human creative skills are always at the heart of the process.

When using AI tools, we follow these guidelines:

Data collection

  • We prefer AI tools that provide not only information, but also clear sources that allow for accurate fact-checking of the content.
  • We will never use AI-generated data as such, without critical review.

Ideation of texts and the creative process of creating our own texts

  • We never feed our clients' non-public data as training material for generative AI.
  • Like all our content, also AI-generated texts are carefully scrutinized by our internal language checking and editing process.

Production of visual content

  • We produce visual materials for clients using methods and tools that do not distribute the outcome for public use, and where the copyright remains with the client.

Law and ethics

  • We remain vigilant not to amplify any harmful bias that AI may produce, not to violate copyright or intellectual property rights, and not to disclose personal data, our clients' trade secrets or other confidential information.
  • We favor tools that operate in a fair data economy and that work towards limiting their environmental footprint.