Content Marketing


Great content delights, educates, entertains and inspires. With professionally crafted and carefully personalized content, your business will attract more interest, gain appreciation, and pave the way to purchase decisions. High-quality content marketing encourages and gently persuades your target groups to move forward on their customer journey.

Success results from long-term planning and operational alignment. Every piece of content must have a role in the process. We leverage our strong experience in the technology industry to plan and prioritize topics and angles that best appeal to your target audiences. We create a content strategy that serves your business, and produce content that meets your conversion goals.

Interesting content comes in many forms. In addition to engaging blogs, articles, ebooks and whitepapers, Netprofile's content marketing experts write scripts and produce videos, podcasts, webinars, events, and more. With the help of marketing automation, we connect content with your target groups and produce warm leads to boost your sales.



Content production

Netprofile produces texts, videos and podcasts designed to attract, engage and convert their audiences.

Systematic content marketing combines the interests of your target groups with the goals of your business. We create and schedule content to target your specific audiences and link pieces of content into an engaging journey: from inspiring trends to advice and tips, prompts and sales.

Our experienced writers create professional content ranging from highly technical issues to lighter lifestyle topics. Our specific strength lies in themes that envision the future and emerging technologies, and present new potential uses of technology.

Thanks to our extensive networks, we can always amplify and vitalize your content with external interviewers, commentators, and celebrity guests. We produce content in Finnish and English and translate into other languages you may need.

Great content works across several formats. Reutilization of priority topics is highly efficient, as different formats support and amplify each other. We provide you with blogs and byliners, newsletters and articles, whitepapers and ebooks, videos, podcasts, webinars and events, as well as copy for social media, native advertising and other digital campaigns.

Video production

The majority of internet traffic is video streaming and downloads. Blog posts and articles are increasingly complemented or replaced with brief animations, while ebooks and whitepapers are also published as how-to video clips or fireside chat videos with expert commentators.

We help you bring out your company’s core messages in a way that works on video. Videos that stand out combine a concept designed to attract your specific target audience, a crystallized and appealing script, an interesting cast, and professional editing.

Videos optimized for social media channels are now particularly popular. Brief animations and video teasers are especially efficient in attracting attention and activating social media audiences. With analytics, we closely monitor the efficiency of videos and optimize both production and marketing based on key success metrics.

Netprofile experts are well versed with various forms of video and their suitability for specific purposes and channels. We bring your messages to life with professional videos, whether your target audience’s favorite channel is Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram or something else.



Podcast production

Voice is the new black: the popularity of podcasts is booming. Smartphones and headsets are increasingly standard accessories while on the move. Voice content smoothly and wirelessly plays wherever we are, on speakers in the car, at home or in the office.

In addition to entertainment, podcast audiences look for interesting perspectives, new ideas and inspiring learnings. Podcasts are great for listening to while doing something else. Therefore, they are an excellent complement to videos, texts and other forms of communication.

A particular strength of podcasts is the time spent listening. While average reading times of business blogs are often in tens of seconds and video views in minutes, podcast listening times extend to several tens of minutes. An engaging podcast will connect your brand with your target audience for exceptionally long periods of time.

Netprofile creates concepts and scripts and produces high quality business podcasts. We cast, train and brief hosts and commentators, and leverage our extensive networks to bring in interesting guests. We edit the results into stellar episodes that engage your target audiences. In addition, we plan, run, analyze and optimize the marketing of your podcast.

What makes a good podcast? Check out our customers' popular business and technology podcasts: Uuden työn ääniä for DNA Business and #Älyradio for Salesforce.




Webinars are a great way to reach and serve your business’s target audiences. Webinars can provide more background, give practical tips or feature case stories while presenting the benefits of your product or service. The return of a webinar investment is typically measured in terms of sales qualified leads.

Netprofile has strong experience in planning, scripting and producing webinars for various target groups. We produce presentation materials, coach your presenters, and invite visiting experts as needed. In addition, Netprofile consultants are at your service as moderators and interviewers.

Efficient marketing is a vital step to a successful webinar. Netprofile’s digital marketing and social media services ensure that your webinar attracts exactly the people your business wants to reach. Remember that marketing should not end when the webinar takes place: keeping the recording available online and attracting further audiences continues to generate new leads to sales.

A successful webinar brings together stellar content and the right audience. Under the hood, success requires a stable technology platform and an efficient production process. We help you choose a platform that best suits your needs and make sure the technology works in a live situation. After the webinar, you will receive an analytics report with follow-up recommendations.

Visual content

A picture is worth a thousand lines of text online, they say. Support your content marketing and storytelling efforts with different visuals to make your message truly stand out – whether it’s about distancing your social media channels from the competition or complimenting that top-notch blog post with aesthetically pleasing infographics. Strong visual communications maintain your brand, generate interest, and help your audiences stay engaged.

Netprofile has the skills and the vision to fulfill various visual content needs from an idea-level to planning and execution. We are more than happy to help your company to maximize the benefits of content marketing: data visualization helps the reader to digest even the most number-heavy pieces, and an animated video quickly demonstrates how a complex process works in action.

In the technology industry, we often communicate about challenging and rather technical topics, so it’s especially beneficial to pay attention to how the message comes across as clearly as possible. Our team is experienced in this exact field and can deliver a variety of assets with ease: layouts, infographics, live-action and animated videos, social media images, campaign concepts, photographs, and illustrations – and anything else you need to support your business.


In the digital age, face to face encounters are especially valuable. Events bring visibility, build brand, inspire target audiences and generate sales leads.

Whether the event is organized by your organization or you’re attending a third-party event, it’s always important to make the most of the occasion. Designed to appeal to your target group, an inspiring and visually attractive event brings visibility not only on site, but also on online channels.

Netprofile creates and produces inspiring experiential marketing activities that reach, engage and impress your target audiences. We prepare the script for the event, coach your team to perform on stage, and reach out to our extensive networks to invite influencers to support your message.

Netprofile team includes several experienced moderators, inspirational speakers and expert panelists. Our social media specialists will make sure that the event and its message spread far beyond the physical venue.

Marketing automation

Efficient content marketing runs on a technology platform that enables personalized targeting, step-by-step customer journey support, and precise analytics. Marketing automation helps segment messages and optimize activities, which helps your potential customer find their way to exactly where you want them to go.

Netprofile guides you in the selection and use of marketing automation systems. We are particularly familiar with the capabilities and features of Hubspot. However, we happily utilize the system of choice at your organization. For technical implementations, we bring in our partners who know the systems thoroughly.

Reaping the benefits of marketing automation begins by defining target group personalities. What kind of people do you want to reach, what kind of support do they need to do their work, and how do they get measured for success?

We help you build and prioritize target personas for your business, and design content paths to attract and engage them as your customers.

Digital marketing is an integral part of marketing automation. Through social media, native advertising, and other online campaigns, you will find and attract people who would never open a marketing email or respond to a cold phone call.

Detailed analytics and continuous optimization ensure that you are always aware of the results of your marketing investment. We are well versed with the various tools and best practices of online analytics. We constantly monitor and optimize digital marketing activities, report results in plain language, and always suggest ways to keep improving.

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