From a well-kept secret to a beacon of success: Unveiling Etteplan’s engineering know-how

Etteplan & Netprofile

Today, technology service company Etteplan uses the tools of modern marketing communication in a versatile way. The systematic operational framework supports business goals, corporate image, sales, and recruitment. How did they achieve this transformation? 


The goal is to make Etteplan's activities visible 

At the beginning of our collaboration in 2019, Etteplan was like a traditional Finnish engineer: it let work speak for itself. The company communicated mainly to investors with media coverage limited to stock exchange news. Leveraging social media and websites to support corporate image, sales, and recruitment was a seed waiting to spring.   

Communication strategy drives content marketing and media relations 

At the onset of the collaboration, Netprofile crafted a communication strategy that was integrated to seamlessly support Etteplan’s business strategy and development objectives. Media communication, content marketing and social media were placed in the framework of the customer journey map to support sales initiatives. 

Interesting company stories were gathered from the organization and pitched to the media. Content marketing was designed with an operational framework that supports the customer journey and delivers content for a demanding expert audience. In addition, Netprofile launched a systematic social media campaign and developed a replicable concept for product launches. 

Content led to impressive media results, leads and deals  

Etteplan no longer keeps its technological pioneering and wide-ranging engineering know-how under a bushel. The company's growth story has been covered by Helsingin Sanomat, Kauppalehti and Talouselämä articles, which gave the company a fascinating glow of a well-kept secret and treasure. Arvopaperi, a monthly business and investment magazine, chose Etteplan as the stock of the year for 2021. 

Together we have implemented numerous significant product and service launches, which have resulted in Etteplan achieving broad visibility on social media channels globally. The campaigns have brought hundreds of customer leads to Etteplan's various business functions. 

Netprofile and Etteplan's long-term, versatile marketing communication collaboration that strongly supports business growth, won the category for industry and construction at the Finnish Comms Awards 2021. In addition, Etteplan's campaigns have reached the finals in international marketing communications competitions at the ICCO Global Awards and the Sabre Awards. 

Referenssi: Etteplan

"Netprofile's understanding of technology and our industry enables the production of quality content that resonates with our demanding target groups and is also the driving force behind effective media work k. Netprofile’s specialized expertise in B2B digital marketing delivers measurable results. I have high appreciation of how skillfully Netprofile can help us find new ways to reach and influence our audiences.” 


Outi Torniainen, Senior Vice President, Communications & Marketing, Etteplan 

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