Nixu's cyber expertise repositioned in Europe

Nixu & Netprofile

Cybersecurity company Nixu identified the need to define and articulate the company's future direction and build the foundation for a successful emergence as Europe's leading cybersecurity services company. Netprofile facilitated the reputation strategy workshop and created the story upon which the company's reputation has been purposefully built towards thought leadership in Nixu's market areas in Northern Europe.


Reputation strategy using business strategy methods 

Initial discussions between Nixu and Netprofile identified the need to create a reputation strategy and a story that would be relevant to the company's culture and stakeholders, and that could be used as the cornerstone on which to build the company's success. 

The project used a methodology developed by Netprofile, which applies business strategy planning models to communications planning. The work involved:
•    Analyzing the business environment
•    Segmenting the primary buyer groups
•    Mapping Nixu's key stakeholders 
•    Building a holistic communications process

The resulting reputation strategy encapsulated Nixu's position in its environment, the company's core story, and the opportunities these offer to strengthen its reputation. 

Nixu's undeniably unique position and expertise in the cybersecurity sector was chosen to act as the spearhead for reputational positioning.

Comprehensive communications and marketing support

Understanding the expectations of critical stakeholders and considering the communication practices of the cyber industry was crucial for implementing the reputation strategy. It was essential for Nixu to gain a stronger public presence for its management and experts, and so Netprofile coached Nixu's key people to engage with the media in their markets. 

The Nixu Cybersecurity Index was also created as a culmination of the strategic communications partnership and the company's new direction to demonstrate Nixu's unique position in the market. The annual survey measures the cybersecurity maturity of Northern European organizations across four dimensions as a key stakeholder engagement tool.

Cybersecurity thought leadership has been supported through regular media work, expertise-building native article campaigns, social media campaigns, expert videos, and the production of downloadable guides and whitepapers that generate leads. 

Growing reputation and sales  

The change of direction and the importance of the results of this work are reflected in the day-to-day business: sales have increased, and Nixu's reputation is stronger than ever. Through determined and systematic work, Nixu has been able to demonstrate its unique position in the cybersecurity arena. 

Needs change rapidly as situations evolve. However, clear guidelines have helped in decision-making and the allocation of resources to meet objectives. Comprehensive cooperation and management commitment to reputation work has helped raise Nixu's profile in Finland, Sweden, and the field of information security auditing.

Indeed, Nixu has seen an increasing number of requests from the media for background information, views, comments, and interviews. 

With the acquisition of Nixu by DNV, Nixu's weight as a key player in European cybersecurity is expected to grow significantly.

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