Change communications created a culture that develops the value of Finnish homes

Visma Real Estate & Netprofile

Visma Real Estate was born from a merger in the spring of 2022. Realizing that communications are a valuable part of high quality change management, the company turned to Netprofile for advice. They needed help in building a reputation strategy and in formulating a core narrative, which were to serve as cornerstones of transparency and authenticity in internal and external change communications. The project was a success and its results can be seen in the good maintenance and management of more than 1.5 million Finnish homes. 

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Starting point 

In spring 2022, Visma Tampuuri, a real estate sector software provider, acquired Festum Software, developer of Hausvise system used by property management companies. The new company was named Visma Real Estate, but more than just the name was changing. To support the merger, the company would also need good change leadership, a way to integrate two company cultures and transparent communication on their new strategic course of action. 

Visma Real Estate wanted to create a solid foundation for change communications and invited Netprofile to advise on the project. The newly merged company wanted its staff to be committed to the strategy and be motivated to execute it. Other stakeholders also needed to understand why the change took place and what it would lead to. 

A reputation strategy is much more than a traditional change communication plan 

Using Netprofile's methodology, the team set out to identify the key changes in Visma Real Estate’s operating environment, and the critical factors for their business. At the same time they also mapped out the objectives and vision for Visma Real Estate's change communications. The process included an analysis of the market situation and competitors, and it delved into the expectations and viewpoints of staff and other stakeholders. 

At the onset, Netprofile also surveyed the Management Team’s opinions through a questionnaire. The survey was used to quantify the collectively perceived baseline and it helped in finding a basis for the Visma Real Estate story. 

Overall, the process led to the identification of critical points in the company culture, which were then examined from the perspective of both staff and external stakeholders. This cultural analysis led to the crystallization of the core narrative which was to guide the entire organization’s activities. 

Results and customer experience 

The newly formulated core narrative made it clear why Visma Real Estate exists, what it does and for whom. It provided a tool in guiding existing customers through the transition and it helped in engaging employees in achieving strategic goals and in building stakeholder trust. In short, the effective reputation strategy, which was the final outcome of the project, contributed to the company's mission and transformation, and strengthened its position as a part of Finnish society. 

Netprofile's work for Visma Real Estate won the Finnish Communications Awards 2022 Change Communications category. 


"Our management team found working with Netprofile's strategy team easy. The consultants didn't waste time on irrelevancies but moved straight to the issues that mattered for the future of our company. Instead of just asking questions, they brought their solid understanding of reputation-building and communication to the table. I was happy that they had a strong business-focused approach, which is, of course, important to our management team. Our collaboration was a perfect example of how communications and marketing can and should act as part of overall corporate planning." 

Juha Raitanen, CEO, Visma Real Estate

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